Our History

From humble beginnings

As affiliates of the Assemblies of God General Council, the history of our church began in March of 1931 in Valley Park, Missouri. Pioneer AG minister, Thomas J. Farris started Faith Chapel First Assembly of God. After many years, triumphs, trials, and pastors, First Assembly of God in Valley Park dwindled to less than 20 members in 1998; it was then that young pastor, Jeff Cox saw the need for change. Pastor Jeff moved the church from Valley Park to the Sugar Creek location, which was previously a Jehovah's Witness building. Pastor Jeff also had building plans drawn up, and he began a plan to raise funds to enlarge the building. In 2001, he and his family were called to be missionaries to Equatorial Guinea. In early 2002, (current) Pastor Dan Ross and his family were voted in as pastor. At a certain point, Pastor Dan realized the church would not grow past a certain point without a new building. He walked around many buildings in the area praying God would give this building or that building to the church.

In 2015, Pastor Dan was contacted by Jack Walters who owned All of God's Children Camp. Jack told Pastor Dan he wanted to sell the camp and the land around it to New Hope Fellowship. Pastor Dan knew there was no way the church could afford to buy this incredible property, valued at almost $3 million. Then Jack said, "I want to sell it to you for how much is left on the note, about $670,000." Pastor Dan immediately began to weep. This building and property was greater than anything we could have dreamed. It is an incredible testimony of God's faithfulness.